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No more tears for onion!

It must be annoying for everybody when we cry while peeling and chopping onion!

Would you like to be free from the tears?

Try this simple methode

RV cooking


7 responses to “Tips & Tricks

  1. 😀

    i dont have that stuff but i have my sunglasses so i did try it, and it was less tears coming from my eyes 😀

  2. Tips from mu husband, chop the onion outdoor. Angin akan membantu menjauhkan “hawa” onion dari mata kita. Di pinggir jendela juga bisa sih… Kalau tips dari aku, beli onion surgelé aja di supermarket… hehe… males bener yak.

  3. adorable attempt.

    I cannot understand the language from Sitha, hope this is not a duplicate.

    Method: slice both ends of the onions off, then soak the onion in iced water for about 15 – 20 seconds. No more tears… also, wearing contact lens helps 🙂

  4. Hi Tani,

    Thanks for your trick input. Your input is not a duplicate of Sitha.

    What Sitha said is we can chopped the onion just infront of a window or outdoor because a wind will push away the aroma of the onion that makes us cry. But the most easy way is buying a frozen chopped onion.

    Not so bad idea 😀 but I don’t know if frozen chopped onion exists? does it?

  5. Kowshick M Subramaniam

    Chop Onions while you are eating a gum (we call it bubble gum)….no tears…

  6. This is hilarious… cool, awesome and hilarious… I like this method… by the way sometimes I use a small electric fan to swipe the odors or just use a small food chopper.
    cheers and keep cooking

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