Our Secret Recipes

Is there a day where you do not have any idea what to cook?

If one day you need an idea what to prepare today, why don’t you try one of our secret recipes?

Just click here to choose your preference recipe;


    5 responses to “Our Secret Recipes

    1. hello , I love the prescriptions. I am Portuguese , I like food Asian AND eastern. I Search for prescriptions Chinese , but is a lot complicated find. Can you give-me recipes? please , the Duck an souce, Sweet souce pork and Ice cream puff. or in case that if they may know as of some Site. sends – myself. I marry he may want prescriptions portuguesas , is so ask for. thank you

    2. Hi Anna, I believe it is very easy to find chinese recipes in the internet. Just type chinese recipes and you will find a lot of sites of chinese cooking. But of course they will be in english, I don’t know if it is so easy to find it in portugese. I don’t speak portugese.

    3. juliettecharlie

      Hi, hey, hello! Coucou! Kalian warga Indonesia di perantauan jugakah? Salam kenal ya.. thanks for sharing the brownie recipe, siap di coba nich weekend ini..


    4. Hi Juliette,

      Salam kenal. Aku memang diperantauan dan kebanyakan dari yang mampir ke sini perantau, termasuk kamu kan? 😉

      Met bikin Brownies ya!

    5. hallo,I just join… karena tiap hari bingung mo makan apa? jadi dari sini bisa dapat ide

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