Anti-Cholesterol Club

This club is dedicated for those who are fighting for lowering their cholesterol level. It is a public club where we can share everything that’s related to cholesterol. Please join this club by clicking this link.

Few days ago, I was condamned to have a moderately high cholesterol level 😦 . I was very supprised . It could be a shock for some people because I am in my thirties, my posture is ideal , 53 kg with 163 cm height , and I do live a healthy living. I do some sports two to three times per week. So how come I get this high cholesterol level?

I’ve always known that my cholesterol was at the limit but I never thought that it will exceed the limit. Looks like calculating calories and doing some sports is not enough for me. So since the day the doctor showed me the result of my blood test, I set my mind to fight this cholesterol!

To win a battle we have to know our enemy. So during a rainy week-end I did some research in the web of what the cholesterol is and how to fight against it. There are lots of website that talk about cholesterol. You just need to google it!

Do not focus on the negatif side , just focus on how to lower the cholesterol level. Do not believe also in the miserable diet you need to do. It is not that bad after all. We just need to avoid the ‘bad’ fat in our diet. Believe me a low cholesterol diet can be fun 🙂 . Please find our list of low cholesterol recipes. We make sure that our recipes are as delicious as a food can be.

Welcome to the Club!


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