Colorful Snow Ball Cake ( klepon cantik )

Klepon Cantik

On my return from Indonesia, I brought Gloutious Rice Flour. I haven’t find it here, or perhaps it is in the market but I haven’t found the french term for this kind of flour. I have no special idea what I would like to prepare with it, until one day I had the opportunity to prepare something.

We invited some friends to have lunch with us and I would like to show them Indonesian food, including Indonesian dessert. I started to dig up into my recipes collections and I found this klepon recipes in Femina Magazine. I decided to prepare this cake not only because the cake is delicious and attractive but also because it is so easy to prepare.

Here is the recipes!

Klepon ingredients

Klepon's ingredients


  • Cake colouring (choose your fave colour)
  • 50 gr of  brown palm sugar (sliced)
  • Boiling water
  • 115 gr of  gloutious rice flour
  • 60 gr of potatoes (one medium size potato)
  • 1 teasp of salt
  • 100 gr of coconut gratin (steamed)

How to prepare:

  • Boil or steam the potatoes. Peel the skin then smash them until smooth.
  • Mix the flour with the potatoes and 1/2 tea sp of salt. Devide the dough into two or depends on how many colours do you want to create.
creating marbles
creating marbles
  • Add the colouring in the dough. Add water little by little while you mix it until the dough is compact and not sticky (use your hand for better result)
  • Take one table spoon of the dough, flat it then put some sliced palm sugar. Cover the palm sugar with the dough then roll it until it become a marble. Do it until you finish all the dough.



  • Boil water  in a medium boiler, meanwhile steam the coconut gratin by adding 1/2 tea sp of salt.
Boil the marbles

Boil the marbles

  • Put in the marbles in to the boiling water. When the marbles float, pick them up and drain. Then rolled them in the steam coconut gratin.
  • It’s ready!

Can be served warm or cold.

Serving for 4 – 5 persons (24 marbles)



6 responses to “Colorful Snow Ball Cake ( klepon cantik )

  1. kali aja belum ketemu nama perancis nya tepung ketan, farine de riz gluant

  2. Makasih Dedeh
    Iya ternyata ada kok di toko asiatique, mata ku aja yg kurang ‘lincah’ 😀

  3. wahhh! ini makanan kesukaannkuu! yaampun ak ga tau kalo misalnyaa klepon ga perlu bakingg. ternyata bikinnya gampang yah. trimakasih banget buatt resepnyaaa 🙂

    salam knaal dari tasyaa. hehe

  4. Hi Tasya, salam kenal juga.
    Memang bikin klepon gak sesusah yg kita bayangin. Tadinya aku juga pikir bakal susah n repot. Ternyata gampang sekalee 🙂
    Met bikin klepon ya!

  5. Trims ya buat resepnya. Salam Kenal ! Denny Kusnadi dari Vancouver, BC, Canada. Bisa bikin kue Putu piring enggak? Boleh kasih tahu resepnya?

  6. Hi Denny,
    salam kenal juga!
    Aku belum pernah coba bikin kue putu, apalagi lue putu piring (baru denger niy 🙂 )
    Nanti kalau sudah coba bikin aku publish deh.

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