Chicken Carbonara

chicken carbonara

I like italian food! From spagethi bolognaise, lasagna, pizza, fettucinni and of course carbonara. I had never tried to prepare carbonara myself. I always had it in an italian restourant. When I serached the carbonara recipe in the internet, I could not believe that it would be so easy to prepare it. So kept on searching until I was sure that it was a delicous one. niaThen finally I hit on Jamie Oliver website. For info, he is a very famous young chef. And his recipe is also so simple! but of course I trust him 😀 . So I decided to try it out. The result is so undoubtedly delicious .. you should try it!! specially when you do not have many time to prepare yet you still want to enjoy a real delicious dinner!!



  • 1 yolk and half of albumen
  • 1/4 tea sp of dried basilic
  • 1/4 tea sp of dried origano
  • 1/4 tea sp of salt
  • 1/4 tea sp of pepper
  • 2 table sp of parmesan cheese
  • 2 table sp of oil olive
  • 50 gr of ready chicken cubes
  • 1 onion (choped)
  • 2 cloves of garlics (choped)
  • 50 gr of mushrom (sliced)
  • 150 gr of pasta
  • 1 table sp of cooking oil for the pasta

How to cook:

  • Mix yolk, albumen, origano, basilic, salt, and parmesan cheese in a salad bowl. Set a side.egg mixture
  • Boiled water then add pasta. Add cooking oil and cook until al dante (follow the instruction in the package of your pasta)
  • While waiting for the pasta, fried onion with olives oil until it goldens. Then add garlic and mushrom.
  • When the mushrom is well cooked, add the chicken cube, salt and pepper. Fried for 5 more minutes.chicken cubes
  •  When the pasta is ready, drain it and quickly put it in the salad bowl and mix with the egg mixture. The egg will be cooked with the heat from the pasta.  
  • Put the pasta on a plate and add the chicken mushrom on top. Yummy!carbonara

Served while hot. Serving for 2 people.

Bon chance de l’esseyer! 


2 responses to “Chicken Carbonara

  1. the good things about carbonara is you can prepare any kind of topping!

    you can have chicken mushroom or chicken paprika which I tried already and it was so delicious. Or you can create your own topping!

    But I won’t recommend you to prepare any topping with tomate souce in it, because it will be called spaghetti bolognaise then 😀

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