CEC Soup

CEC Soup 

niaCEC soup? CEC stands for Crabs + Eggs + Cheese. Again I got the recipe from Femina online. Normally soup is for appetizer but for us we take it as our dinner main course. It relates to RV’s working schedule (if you would like to know further email me personally). Therefore I added crab in the soup (orginaly it is a eggs and cheese soup only). It tasted so good and more like my kinda’ soup (not typically French soup taste).

Here is the recipe


  • 1 lt water
  • 2 box of chicken broth
  • 3 eggs (shuffled)
  • 1 tea sp of salt
  • 1 tea sp of ground pepper
  • 3 sp of parmesan cheese
  • 1 leek (sliced)

How to cook:

  • Boil the water. Add chicken broth. Add egg slowly while keep mixing until the eggs formed into fiber.
  • Add crab, salt and pepper. Boil until cook.boiled
  • Add ‘daun bawang’ bpil until it is well cook
  • Add parmesan chesse.
  • Serve while hot

Servings: for 2 people (big bowl, remember this is for our main course. for appetizer it can be served for 4 people)


One response to “CEC Soup

  1. so the taste of this soup was good , but it wasn’t my favorite , because i don’t like so much the taste of the eggs floating in a soup .
    Perhaps it will be better to blend the soup , so the taste will be smoother. Sorry darling ….

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