Strawberry Fiesta

strawberry fiesta 

Dessert it is the most important part of dining for RV. After a big plate of delicious spagetti bolognaise, I did not think I can afford some bread, butter and cheese for the dessert. Not to mention that RV had gained 5 extra kilos weight, which he blamed it on me for cooking so well. So selfish!

NiaAlors, got to think of something healty yet sweet. He loves sweet stuffs, I’m in his sweet stuffs lists of course :)! Anyway we decided to have strawbery with whipped cream! He was more interested to the whipped cream compare to the strawberry for sure.

Here are how to prepare a quick healty dessert when you or your mate(s) are on diet 😛


  • 250 gr of strawberrystrawberry
  • whipped cream

How to cook:

  • Chopped the strawberry into cubicals. Save two strawberries.
  • Put the chopped strawberry into small bowl and add whipped cream on the top
  • put one strawberry on the whipped cream of each bowl.

Serving: for 2 people

Yummy Yummy simple and fast, yet healthy!


One response to “Strawberry Fiesta

  1. so french style this dessert and simple to do and fast . but always better with more and more whipped cream 😛

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