Grilled Turkey with Honey

Turkey Grilled with Honey

I got this recipe from my sister, Artis. It’s not like she loves cooking and created her own recipe. She simply sent me a file where I can find hundreds of recipes. They are traditional recipes from Indonesia, my origin. She knows I love cooking and to the fact that I am away from my home country, she sent it to me which I appreciate so much.

Voila! here is the recipe.


  • 1 Turkey leg*
  • 1 sp of cooking oil


  • 2 sp of salty soy bean sauce 
  • 1 sp of sweet soy bean sauce
  • 1 sp of oyster sauce
  • 2 tea sp of grated ginger
  • 1/2 tea sp of sesame oil**
  • 3 sp of honey
  • 1/2 tea sp of powder pepper

How to cook

  • Sauce: mix all sauce’s ingredients
  • smear the turkey with the sauce
  • marinate it for one hour
  • smear the dish with cooking oil. Put in the turkey including all the sauce
  • Grilled for 1 hours***
  • Serve while warm

Serving: for 2 people

Side dishes:

  • I find french fries is a good match for turkey grilled with honey but you can also have steam rice. I think steam rice is the best match but only if I can have sambal goreng terasi (red: special spicy sauce from Indonesia) which is not easy to find the ingredients here


* Originally the recipe is for one whole chicken. Since there are only turkey available in the fridge at that time and only 2 people eating so I only use 1 turkey leg. Quite representative!

** I don’t have ang ciu and red small onion and don’t how to get them here yet, so I skip both.

*** Follow the instruction from your griller, for mine they suggest me to put in the second position with 140 degree heat.



3 responses to “Grilled Turkey with Honey

  1. yum, yum..
    never thought you treasured cooking that much, Ni

  2. Cooking is fun, what can I say 😀
    oh ya from the recipe we did not feel the honey so strong. Would be better to add more honey.

  3. it’s too easy for you to make me happy , because i like all the sweet taste of food , so this one was just for me , with the honey flavor it was so good .
    But a little bit too long to grill, even when you smell the nice flavor in the kitchen since almost half a hour !!!!

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